My First Exhibition

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

~George Bernard Shaw~

Here we are, and somehow I’ve managed to get my artwork up on a wall in a public place. Who knew that would feel so incredible! There were all those initial emotional hurdles. You know the ones – they always try to stop you from taking that step and trying something new, throwing up visuals of the many, MANY ways in which these things could go wrong. Don’t do it, they cry. You’ll fall… you’ll FAIL. Ugh, those petty, petty little demons. How do they always know just what to say? In my experience, I find that if you can wade through their heavy dialogue, you’ll almost always be glad you persevered. And what a wonderful experience this has been. The sight of all my work hanging up notwithstanding, the elation that surrounded the mere process of preparation was second to none. I was doing what I really loved – I was living it, and there was just so much joy to be felt around that. So to my little internal demons (and all the other nay-sayers out there!) I throw George Bernard Shaw at you, as I float home on Cloud 9…

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