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Two different styles are available to commission for coloured pencil pet portraits. Both are ‘realism’ in style, with varying level of fine detail:

FULL DETAIL – this is hyperrealism with as much detail as I can possibly squish into one drawing.

‘LITE’ DETAIL – this appears slightly more watercolour in style, with less of the finer details. A perfect option for when a clear reference photo cannot be provided.

Further examples of the differences can be found in the Gallery

You will receive the original artwork, with the option for it to be mounted and/or framed for your convenience.


If you are interested in commissioning a coloured pencil pet portrait, the following are approximate rates based on a simplex/standard portrait. A finalised quote is made upon enquiry, when more information has been provided, as they are based on length of time required to complete the artwork, as well as which materials will be needed.

All rates are in AUD. In order to secure a booking a deposit is required and Terms and Conditions form to be signed and returned.


(e.g. Single subject, no background or name plate, unframed. For examples of differences between ‘lite’ and ‘full detail’ please refer to the Gallery

1. A5 size starts at $199 for ‘lite’ and $299 for full detail
2. A4 size starts at $299 for ‘lite’ and $479 for full detail
3. A3 size starts at $479 for ‘lite’ and $599 for full detail


Taking the right photo is a very important part in the process of creating your pet portrait!  Reference photos must be high quality, clear and crisp, detailed and in a digital format.

Please feel free to contact me with any photo questions and I will happily let you know whether they are suitable, but as a general guide, I look for:

– High resolution photo taken with a digital camera
– Taken outside in natural daylight (Not direct sunlight, and no flash!)
– In focus! The clearer the eyes, the better, as the eyes convey the personality
– Photo taken down at eye level to your pet. This provides a good natural angle.

Dog is in focus (particularly the eyes), photo is clear, and in bright, natural light, without being in direct sunlight. Dog is still, so nothing is blurry from movement.

Example Good Photo

Even though this photo is in focus, having the dog in direct sunlight like this (especially a black one!) warps the colours and has heavy, dark shadows over their features.

Example Bad Photo
Coloured Pencils


get your own piece of art today

Simply send us a photo of what you would like to get illustrated, style and size and we’ll provide you with an obligation free quote and suggestions on what we think you’ll love.


Marika Paarman
Owner / Illustrator


All my drawings are created with high quality materials: professional, lightfast rated coloured pencils, artist grade lightfast pigment inks and quality acid-free 200-300gsm papers.


Postage within Australia starts at $12 for tracked parcel post, delivered using Australia Post.

For anywhere else in the world please contact me for an individual shipping quote.